Friday, February 7, 2020

I Hate Your Character

The "Evil" PC
Our hobby is about shared fun. It is about friendships, goodwill and camaraderie. One player, the referee, judge, or game master, designs the setting, draws any maps that will be used during play, plays the part of all non-player characters and monsters and adjudicates the rules. The other players control the actions of each of their player characters, who are the protagonists in any action that takes place once the game play begins.
The role-playing hobby is about having a good time as a group and play is designed around cooperation between all the players, including the person running the game. The referee or judge's role is impartial, but frequently leans toward rooting for the players' characters since it is their success which helps everyone enjoy the game and that drives the action forward.
Characters who are unlikable, player characters which annoy the referee or who frustrate the judge, who seem to break all the mutually agreed upon norms either in their behavior during the game, or by their over-powered build, these characters can be toxic to everyone's fun. Put simply, if the referee loses interest in the game, and they cease to be motivated to do their job of preparing for the next session, the game/campaign is likely to come to an early end.
Any player who loses their enthusiasm for the game is a loss in terms of everyone's fun. The game can perhaps survive if a player leaves the group as long as that player isn't the GM. The game master is essential for continued play. The role-playing game requires an active GM, or referee, to plan each session and to play the part of all the rest of the "world" in which the player's characters adventure. It is therefore advisable to help your GM/referee stay interested in your game. Don't be the character your GM hates.

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